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Verdi: Catapults

Verdi, a young python, does not want to change.  The last thing he wants his to turn from his beautiful yellow to boring green. Verdi tries to change his colour back to yellow by scrubbing his skin and then covering it with mud. Nothing works.  He notices that the sky is bright yellow just like he used to be. Verdi launches himself from the treetops certain that his flight will change him back to yellow.

How did Verdi fly through the air? What a great opportunity to learn about catapults. Elastics and popsicle sticks were the only materials need to build a catapult.  First the children, used plastic snakes to sail through the area.  It was delightful to hear the excitement and the laughter as the children made  their "Verdi" fly.

I asked the children which would travel farther; a plastic snake or a pompom.  Most of the children though the heavier item, the snake, would travel a further distance.  The children were amazed at how far and how high a pompom could move.


Qualities in a Friend

We have continued our discussion of the qualities found in a friend.  Through different stories and our conversations together, the children have identified the friendship qualities they find important.

We made "friendship" play dough together using these qualities.

5 cups of caring1 tablespoon of kindness1 cup of sharing1 cup of helping
While making the play dough, the children were able to practice these qualities as well as patience and taking turns. 

This is the actual play dough recipe:
2 tsp cream of tartar1 cup salt2 cups flour4 tbsp oil2 cups boiling waterCombine first 4 ingredients in a large bowlAdd boiling water and mix wellOnce blended, roll onto table and knead until smooth.Very easy to make and lots of fun to play with!

Helping Hands

Through different stories, we have been discussing the qualities of a friend.  The one quality that the children unanimously agreed upon is that friends help one another.  In the story, The Little Red Hen, the Hen did all of the work by herself.  The children thought that the Dog, Cat and Goose were not good friends because every time the Hen asked for help, they refused.  Before we reached the end of the story, I asked the children if Hen should share her bread.  There were mixed responses however, the majority of the children thought Hen should share.  Louis' first response was to not share but he quickly changed his mind and said "sharing is caring!" This coming week, the children have asked to make bread and share it with the entire class.

Plants in Our Midst: Seeds to Plants

The children of the Earth Group are learning how seeds grow into plants.
We began by looking at different types of seeds comparing shape, size and colour.  The children found it very difficult to open the seeds. We soaked some beans in water overnight. This allowed the children to easily open the bean and discover what was inside.To grow our bean plants, we germinated the beans by wrapping them in paper towel and placing it inside a Ziploc back.Very quickly the beans began to grow and within a few days, the children could see roots and the beginnings of the plants.The children were excited to share their knowledge of what a plant needs in order to grow: ·Soil ·Water ·Sun ·Love ·Caring

Plants in our Midst: How do animals use plants?

When gathering information during our formative week, the children made an observation that "animals eat plants and hide in them, too."