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Decorations Tell Stories

Kai chose to share with us a plaque from his Trindadian heritage.  The plaque had a steel drum replica and a description of the drum's importance to the people of Trinidad.

This plaque inspired us to make decorative plaques representing the heritage of each of us.   Each child was given his/her picture and flags of the countries his/her family originates from to decorate with.   Many added drawn pictures of other family members as well.  When they were finished, many of the children went around the room showing their plaques to others.  It was amazing to see the pride the children had in their work and the willingness to share with others.


  1. I can see the sense of pride and accomplishment on their faces Deb. It must have been so much fun to work with the children today. This should support the creation of the Our Families of the World map we are developing with the parents and children. This also builds on the work done in Wendy's group the other day. It will be interesting to see how the conversation amongst the children deepens. I wonder what trait from the learner profile they might say reflects this activity. Do you think it worth an exploration?


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