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What is a decoration?

Line of Inquiry: similarities and differences in ideas about what a decoration is.
T This week we explored what a decoration is to each of us. On Wednesday, the children created table decorations. Prior to group time, I let the children know that we would be making table decorations to display at lunch. I asked the children to think about what materials would be needed. Adyson suggested we look for leaves and sticks in the forest to use. All the children agreed that was a great idea. Leaves, twigs, and rocks were collected. To complete the decoration, the children made paper candles to place in the centre.

On Thursday, we used the Smart Board to create a Venn Diagram to sort items into categories: "decoration" and "not a decoration". The children had different perspectives as to what items are considered a decoration. Sorting the items into the categories helped the children to see that what is a decoration to one may not be to another. We comple…