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New Unit - Building Together

Line of Inquiry:
We take on roles each day (preschool) and this helps us build a strong community.

We have been looking at the roles and responsibilities the children have at the daycare.  The children identified many of the service learning jobs as their responsibility. They also added some other responsibilities: 
- sit on chairs because standing on chairs is unsafe and dangerous 
- put lids on markers so they don't dry out
- listen to everyone.

The children were very serious about identifying and carrying our responsibilities of the Wind Group.  Five essential tasks were identified by the children as important for the group to work successfully.
1.  Sit on the floor
2. Take turns
3. Be gentle
4. Listen to one another
5. Hands to ourself

Rocco was choses as the "Checker" for today's group.  His job was to make sure we all were following our essential tasks.  Each group time a new Checker will be chosen.

Using the knowledge shared by the children, we created two board games.  The children titled them "Be Responsible" and "The Service Job Game."  The children had fun creating and playing these games.  They were excited to share them with the rest of the class.


  1. hi Deb,

    I love the child directed approach that you are supporting and the sense of learning how to make essential agreements (even if in the beginning you need a "checker"). We sure see what is important to the children when we create ways for them to engage with big ideas at their level of understanding. It is this initial and important connection to an idea that will help them deepen their understanding over time. Thank you
    I love the photos


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