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Communities around the world

This week we travelled to Kisinga, Uganda to compare this community to ours.  Our travel to Uganda was inspired by the book, Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier.  This is a true story of a young girl whose life is changed by the kind gift of a goat by "some kindhearted people".  By selling the extra milk the goat produced, Beatrice was able to save money to change her family's life.  The family was able to build a new house but what changed the course of  Beatrice's life was the opportunity to attend                                                                school.

After the book, we looked at pictures of the village.  The children were most interested in pictures of Beatrice as a child and as an adult.  We compiled a list of the similarities and differences in the two communities.  The children had no problem pointing out differences:
- their house aren't painted
- they carry food on their head and we carry it in bags
- they have goats for pets
- we dress d…