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Responsibility: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are learning that we have a far greater responsibility towards plants then just watering them.  The children already practice recycling and composting at Creative Minds but were unaware of the importance of their actions.  We looked at some pictures of landfills to show where our garbage goes.  The children could not believe the size of some of the landfills, in Nicki's words "garbage mountain!" We talked about what would happen if we didn't recycle and compost and the children were able to recognize that the landfill would be larger. I asked the children what does garbage in the landfill do to the plants and Rocco responded "it kills them because it squishes them."  We watched some Brainpop videos on recycling and waste management to help the children understand the positive effects of their actions at Creative Minds and home.  We concluded by playing some games on the Smartboard and sorting activities documenting their knowledge.


  1. Hey Deb. How about REFUSE. I think that's a hot topic these days that you might bring to the children for their thoughts. Toronto just banned plastic shopping bags (not the thin veggie ones at the shops). There might be a law suit over it and it was quite interesting to here plastic bag manufacturers talking about how their plastic bags are reused (for garbage and doggy too do!). Anyway, what seems like a proper solution to me is getting some strong resistance. Maybe a but of research in here for the children about how many plastic bags they use/we use. What they feel about banning plastic bags (a few countries around the world have done this already including some cities in the USA. Maybe some geography??? Thanks for the great ideas and descriptions of the children's process. Really inspiring.


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