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Friday Art - Line Them Up

Line them up! We talked about the types of lines we learned from the previous weeks; children moved their arms to make vertical, diagonal, horizontal, curved, wavy, and zigzag lines. We discussed  that when connecting dots or lining up objects lines are formed! Ann read "The Line Up Book" by Marisabina Russo with the children. Children were able to recognize what types of lines that the boy made by lining  objects in the story. Children had a chance to use pom-poms, toys, and wooden blocks to form their own lines.

 Children were able to grasp the concept that dots make lines. Enxin: "My buttons make a horizontal line!" Children also enjoyed tracing horizontal, zigzag, wavy lines with markers. It was a great chance for the children to practice their fine motor skills.

Friday Art - Garter Snake & Chimera

Garter Snake & Chimera
As many of you might already know, there is an event called Stories Along the Trails taking place in the Pacific Spirit Park this Sunday. The teachers at Creative Minds are also volunteering at this event. Mary gave a sneak peak to the children by telling them a story of two creatures, a common garter snake and a chimera. Children learned about where garter snakes live, what garter snakes eat, and how garter snakes look like.
Having talked about garter snakes that live in the forest, we brought in the concept of curved lines for our art activity this week. Garter snakes have long slithery bodies, generally dark bodied with blue, green, yellow, or white stripes on their backs.

The children made a collage of the forest by ripping construction paper. They created vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, which reviewed the line concepts they learned last week.

The paper collage became the forest--a home for the garter snakes

After the collage, children created snakes…

Friday Art - Lines

Lines Hi everyone at Creative Minds

My name is Ann and I work on Fridays.
Some parents might remember me as I was a practicum student at Creative Minds this past May. I had a great time and learned a lot from all the teachers and the children here. I am glad that I have the chance to come back to Creative Minds now. It will be a wonderful learning experience for both the children and me!

 We are learning about lines during art.
The children used their bodies to  to make "vertical" lines and "horizontal" lines.

Children enjoy using sticks and twigs when they play in the forest.  As a result, we collected natural materials, like twigs, leaves, pine cones, and rocks for our art activity. Children used twigs and leaves to create patterns.

Children were able to recognize what types of line they have in their artworks.
"I made a long straight line!"

Reflection: What is a friend?

Over the past few weeks the children have learned more about friendship and this was evident when we reviewed the friendship web that the children made at the beginning of the unit.  The ongoing assessment indicates that the children are beginning to have a deeper understanding of what friendship is.  The children are adding to the discussion that friendship isn’t always happy, you don’t always have to be with your friends and that they need to give to be part of a friendship.
Some of the comments were: - I have to listen to friends or they won’t play.  (Rocco) -  Friends make me feel sad when they don’t want to play but    that is okay because they will play with me later. (Simone) - Sometimes we fight but we are still friends. (Julia)
 On Thursday, the children wrote cinquain poems about a special friend.  Today, the children wrote a book about friends.

The Little Red Hen

Working with Wendy, the children have identified one of the functions of friendship is to help and be helped.  We continued with that thought.  We had a conversation of the different ways we have helped our friends. I asked "do you need to help when a friend asks?" All of the children said yes but not sure of why they thought that.  .

We read two versions of the Little Red Hen:  The Little Red Hen retold by Lyn Calder and Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza by Philemon Sturges . In both stories, Hen's friends do not help her when asked.  It is the ending of the stories that differ.  In the original version, Hen does not share her bread when finished and in the other version, the pizza is shared.  All of the children thought the Little Red Hen should share her bread with her friends.  Some of the children were not sure why they thought this and the rest replied "because they are friends."  I asked, "if they are friends shouldn't they help Hen?"  My respon…

The role friendships play

Hi Everyone

We began this week making a web of all the knowledge the children have about friendship which is quite a lot! Some of the comments were:

Esme - friendship sounds like talking not yelling
Rocco - friends are helpful
Sofia - playing with friends make me happy
Simone - friends stick together
Roy - friends play
Bela - I like smiles with friends
Julia - friends help each other when they are hurt

As the weeks progress, we will add to our web of knowledge.

We continued with  function: the role friendships play in our lives.  Playing with each other is the one function of friends we focused on this week.  All of the children said that playing with a friend makes them feel happy.  I asked the children where they enjoy playing with friends the most and the response was the playground. The children made a mural of the playground and the structures they like to play on with their friends.

This led us to reading the Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill. Mean Jean is the school yard bully …

Circle of Friends

Formative Week

Who We Are: Circle of Friends

Central Idea: We can be friends.

An inquiry into
- the role friendships play in our lives
- the giving and receiving of friendship
- the expectations in friendships.

To find out what the children's ideas are regarding friendship, we gathered as a class. The children were introduced to Olga the Hobbit who has no idea what friendship is. Olga lives on the IB Board. I am certain your children would love to introduce you to Olga.

The children were asked to tell Olga some activities friends do together. Their responses: reading a book, do nothing together, play, jump, hold hands, skateboard, have dinner together.

The children told Olga that friends are friendly, nice, polite and you have to ask them to play together.

Over the next seven weeks we will explore friendship!!