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The role friendships play

Hi Everyone

We began this week making a web of all the knowledge the children have about friendship which is quite a lot! Some of the comments were:

Esme - friendship sounds like talking not yelling
Rocco - friends are helpful
Sofia - playing with friends make me happy
Simone - friends stick together
Roy - friends play
Bela - I like smiles with friends
Julia - friends help each other when they are hurt

As the weeks progress, we will add to our web of knowledge.

Working on the mural

We continued with  function: the role friendships play in our lives.  Playing with each other is the one function of friends we focused on this week.  All of the children said that playing with a friend makes them feel happy.  I asked the children where they enjoy playing with friends the most and the response was the playground. The children made a mural of the playground and the structures they like to play on with their friends.
The children showed what happy looks
 like when playing with friends.

This led us to reading the Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill. Mean Jean is the school yard bully until the day Katie Sue arrives.  Katie Sue being the new child doesn't know Mean Jean controls the playground and she does what she wants.  Mean Jean is very angry but Katie Sue does not notice and invites Mean Jean to play.  In no time at all, Jean and Katie Sue become friends.  The children noticed that Jean is no longer mean at the end of the story so they chose new names for her:

Julia: Happy Jean
Presenting puppets
Rocco: Smile Jean
Simone: Queen Jean

Concentrating on the task
We ended the day making stick puppets of the two main characters and acted out the story.


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