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Art with Shapes

More Art with Shapes

Mary read "Architect of the Moon" by Tim Wynne-Jones to the children; the story was about a little boy who uses his imagination and different shapes of blocks to re-build the Moon. We talked and learned about more shapes in our environment. A half circle is called a semi-circle. Pentagons have five sides. A stop sign is an octagon!

The children had a chance to visit three different art stations about shapes. Mary and the children traced the foam blocks on the big paper. Children combined different shapes to create a huge painting!

Ann and the children used yarn to do lacing with different shapes. The yarn goes up and down around triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles. The children used markers to decorate their shapes as well.

Anamaria and the children used the overhead projector to trace shapes out on the whiteboard. The children enjoyed tracing the contour line of different shaped shadows.


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Verdi: Catapults

Verdi, a young python, does not want to change.  The last thing he wants his to turn from his beautiful yellow to boring green. Verdi tries to change his colour back to yellow by scrubbing his skin and then covering it with mud. Nothing works.  He notices that the sky is bright yellow just like he used to be. Verdi launches himself from the treetops certain that his flight will change him back to yellow.

How did Verdi fly through the air? What a great opportunity to learn about catapults. Elastics and popsicle sticks were the only materials need to build a catapult.  First the children, used plastic snakes to sail through the area.  It was delightful to hear the excitement and the laughter as the children made  their "Verdi" fly.

I asked the children which would travel farther; a plastic snake or a pompom.  Most of the children though the heavier item, the snake, would travel a further distance.  The children were amazed at how far and how high a pompom could move.