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Similarities and Differences Between Friends

We are nearing the end of this unit of inquiry.  Next week is already our summative week.

Our focus this week was likes/dislikes: do we have to like the same things as our friends?  I asked this question to the children.  All of the children said yes except Rocco. Rocco said "friends don't have to do the same things."

"Do we have to like the same
things as our friends?"
Using the book, Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley (the story of two great friends), we listed the traits of each character.. The children found out that Pearl and Charlie were complete opposites yet were the best of friends. I asked the question again.  Esme and Simone changed their response. Simone replied that "that friends don't have to do the same things but sometimes we do."

We wrapped up by making "Wanted: Friends" posters.  Some of the qualities listed on the posters were:
Rocco: caring
Simone: someone who is nice
Alfie: play with me
Bela: someone with smiles.
Julia: Julia made a poster for her friend Clare stating I love you.


  1. Hey Deb
    The two pics with the kids doing a human graph....I know that that's what those pics are but it doesn't say it in your blog. It's significant because graphing is an important way of analyzing information and human graphs are a great way for kids to grasp this. You can see the kids in the pictures really taking in the differences in the two lines in the graph. Parents should know you're how amazing this activity is that you did with them!

    1. Thank you Wendy for pointing this out. We have recorded responses in various charts over the course of the inquiry but the human graph seems to be the method the children favoured. After we finished the other day, the children wanted me to ask more questions because they love to graph their responses.

  2. :D
    I feel so happy..
    Rocco is blossoming into a beautiful loving boy :D
    I am uber grateful for him to have such caring & creative teachers to nurture his growth!
    We will miss you all when we go to T&T.

    Love & Gratitude,

    1. Thank you Robin for your kind words. Rocco has grown immensely over the past few months. Today he wanted to clean the magnet tile area by himself because he wanted to be responsible We will miss both of you too. It would be wonderful if Rocco could send us a postcard!


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