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Child's Inquiry: How do you make pink?

The children made a request to mix the primary colours into homemade play dough. Some of the children found it frustrating as it was difficult to knead the dough to thoroughly mix the the colours. Rocco noted that when the red was added to the dough it looked pink. Alfie asked "how do you make pink?" Rocco replied "mix white and red together." Simone responded "No, white and blue make pink." The group decided that they should find out which statement was true. The group discovered mixing white and red makes pink. This discovery prompted the children to see if they could make any other colours. Julia was delighted when she was able to light yellow and share her discovery with the group.

Friday Art

Clay Project This Friday, the children carried on creating animals or things they like with clay. With a short review with Mary, the children could choose to use their planning pictures from last time or to make something new.

Some children followed their previous planning pictures. They carefully chose the shapes they would need for the animals. Having practiced the skills of using and manipulating clay, the children enjoyed creating animals or objects with clay.

Primary Colours

This week we continued building our knowledge of primary colours.  We sorted items into two groups: primary colours and non-primary colours. Rocco stated that "yellow and red make orange."  We tested Rocco's statement by mixing the two colours  and concluded he was correct.  This led us to mix the other primary colours. The children predicted what would happen to the colours prior to mixing. The children are quite knowledgeable as they predicted correctly each time.  

Here is the link to a Sesame Street video we watched ( and another to an online colour game we played.

Animal & Shapes

On Friday, the children started planning what animals or things they want to make for the clay project next week.

In small groups, the children brainstormed what shapes were needed to create animals. With the teachers' and peers' help, children picked the wooden shapes  needed and placed them on a piece of paper to form the picture.

Children were thinking carefully when they decided on where to place and to glue the shapes.

Step by step, children formed the blueprints for their clay project next week. From knowing the shapes to combining shapes into pictures, children will use the clay to create a three-dimension project next week.