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Colours and Emotions

Line of Inquiry: Colours are sometimes associated with feelings. We began by talking about how we were feeling today.  The emotions ranged from excited all the way to sad.  We discussed different ways we can express ourselves using words and actions. I asked if the children could use a colour to represent how they were feeling.  Before the children chose a colour, we read Dr. Seuss' "My Many Coloured Days."  To help the children connect with the colours and emotions from the book, the children acted out the story.  I then placed the different colours described in the book for the children to choose from.  As each child chose a colour, I asked why the colour represented his/her feeling.  The children were not able to express further why the colour was chosen. I want to explore this further to help the children make connections as to how colours can be used to express their feelings and how colours make them feel.  The children identified that two children chose black to …