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The Giving Tree

What is generosity?
We read "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein to gain further understanding of what generosity is.  A small boy develops a friendship with a tree.  The Giving Tree tells the story of this relationship as the boy grows into a man.
After reading the story, the children made a web as to indicate the ways tree was generous to the boy.

How was the tree generous?  Esme: The tree let the boy play with her leaves.
Sofia: The tree gave her branches to the boy to build a house.  I would be generous to the tree, I would hug the tree.
Alfie:  The tree gave the boy apples.
Simone: The tree let the boy swing on her branches.  He didn't say thank you.  I would.
Bela: The tree let the boy sit down on it.
Julia: The tree let the boy climb her trunk.

Simone asked if the children could write his/her own Giving Tree book.  All of the children thought it was a great idea and they began the books today.

Generosity Coupons

We continued with discovering our talents and sharing them.   Each child chose what they wanted to share with others and we made them into generosity coupons.
Sofia proudly stated that she is really good at making telescopes and wanted to help someone else learn how.  Her coupon offers one lesson in telescope making.

Alfie showed us his incredible tower building skills.  He is offering one lesson in tower building.
Esme demonstrated her dancing abilities to us. She is very good at twirling and would like to offer one dance lesson.

Bela feels he is good at cleaning.  He is offering his cleaning skills. I noticed he did a wonderful job organizing the magnet tiles.

Julia wants to offer an art lesson. She feels very confident in her use of a paintbrush.  I have requested no Jackson Pollack lessons!

Simone has chosen to offer a chair cleaning service.  She is very meticulous and gets the job done.

Not only was each child  excited and proud to demonstrate what he/she can do but also…