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We combined with the Wind Group on Wednesday to learn about evaporation.  The children painted outside with water. They were amazed that their artwork would disappear before their eyes!

Before we began the activity, the children predicted if the water would evaporate faster in the sun or the shade.  Three children chose the shade and four children chose the sunny side.  After lunch we checked on our water paintings.  The paintings on the sunny side were gone. The children concluded that the sun had a part in the water evaporating.  We will continue to explore the water cycle.

Communicating our knowledge

Today the Fire Group made 2 posters about storm drains and the importance of keeping them clean. The children wanted to share their knowledge so they made a presentation to each of the other groups.  Some of the important information the Fire Group shared: Julia and Simone: Please keep the storm drains neat and tidy so the garbage doesn't go into the creeks. Bela added that there are "drains on the playground." Grace is concerned about the beavers in the creek so she asked the children to keep garbage away from the drains because "it will hurt the beavers".  Roy told the children "Not to drink the water."  Alfie added that if we litter "the water won't come out (into the creek) if the drain plugs." 
The children were incredibly confident when they approached each group. They are "storm drain experts" and want to clean the playground today.  Hopefully the rain will slow down.

Storm Drains: How we impact water.

Today we explored where water goes when it enters a storm drain and the impact we have on what flows into these drains. The children experimented with different types of utensils at the water table. The children were able to see how water passes freely through the different openings and how other items can also pass through.  We used these utensils to recreate how storm drains work.

We created a creek and watched what happened to the creek when different types of pollutants pass through the storm drain. We also simulated washing cars.  The children noted that the soap goes down the drain with the water. "Oh no, are fish will be sick!" commented Sofia.  Simone thought we could give the fish medicine to get better. This started a conversation on how difficult it would be to give medicine to all of the fish in all of the creeks!! The children noticed how dirty the water was and that living things would not survive in our polluted creek.  Alfie thought we could start pic…