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Storm Drains: How we impact water.

The car wash
The clean creek

Today we explored where water goes when it enters a storm drain and the impact we have on what flows into these drains. The children experimented with different types of utensils at the water table. The children were able to see how water passes freely through the different openings and how other items can also pass through.  We used these utensils to recreate how storm drains work.

We created a creek and watched what happened to the creek when different types of pollutants pass through the storm drain. We also simulated washing cars.  The children noted that the soap goes down the drain with the water. "Oh no, are fish will be sick!" commented Sofia.  Simone thought we could give the fish medicine to get better. This started a conversation on how difficult it would be to give medicine to all of the fish in all of the creeks!! The children noticed how dirty the water was and that living things would not survive in our polluted creek.  Alfie thought we could start picking up garbage when we see it.  His comment began our conversation on how we as humans have a responsibility to keep the creeks and streams clean.

Human graph: What will trap more
debris: the net or the grate? Tie vote.

Our polluted creek.


  1. I do hope they sort out the problems with our oceans. It certainly seems like our generation can't fathom it. pun intended

    1. Hi Stuart
      Loved the pun!!
      It is amazing how in such a short time we have negatively impacted our water systems. When my husband was a child, he could swim in the Fraser River by our house. Today, our children do not have that pleasure. The river has become a major waterway and is now polluted.

      My husband's grandparents used to tell him stories of how pods of killer whales would corral off the shores of Point Grey to feast on salmon and herring. Also, his grandmothers would use cedar branches to collect herring roe for consumption.

      Wouldn't that have been something to see and experience!!

  2. What an amazing lesson for our little ones to learn! Thanks, Deb. Stephanie


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