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The Water Cycle

This week was filled with different experiments to help the children understand the water cycle. Our first experiment was to find out what condensation is.  We filled a glass with ice cubes and covered it.  By the end of group time, condensation formed on the outside of the glass!  Sofia exclaimed, "the glass is wet on the outside!"  Her enthusiastic comment had all the children wanting to touch the glass and feel the condensation.

The second experiment was a little more complex.  Warm water was placed in a bowl, with an empty bowl placed inside of that.  The bowls were covered with plastic wrap and ice cubes were placed on top of the wrap.  The idea was for condensation to hit the wrap and drop into our empty bowl. It worked!!!! Precipitation was collected.  Here is a link to the experiment if you would like to try it at home.

The final experiment was to simulate precipitation that falls when clouds become heavy.  We filled a container with water and used shaving cream to create clouds on top.  Using droppers, the children dropped blue water onto the shaving cream. The children were able to observe the rain.


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Verdi: Catapults

Verdi, a young python, does not want to change.  The last thing he wants his to turn from his beautiful yellow to boring green. Verdi tries to change his colour back to yellow by scrubbing his skin and then covering it with mud. Nothing works.  He notices that the sky is bright yellow just like he used to be. Verdi launches himself from the treetops certain that his flight will change him back to yellow.

How did Verdi fly through the air? What a great opportunity to learn about catapults. Elastics and popsicle sticks were the only materials need to build a catapult.  First the children, used plastic snakes to sail through the area.  It was delightful to hear the excitement and the laughter as the children made  their "Verdi" fly.

I asked the children which would travel farther; a plastic snake or a pompom.  Most of the children though the heavier item, the snake, would travel a further distance.  The children were amazed at how far and how high a pompom could move.