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Expressing through song

Simone's singing of a Barbie tune prompted us to write a song.  We borrowed the a line from Simone's song to start us of. The topic chosen was dreams and what each of us dream about.  Here is our song:

Whenever we dream, we dream the same dream.
We dream about bunny and how soft he is. (Grace)
We dream about zebra and his stripes. (Esme)
We dream about Bambi and his cute nose and how he soft he is. (Simone)
We dream about the forest and the boat we play on. (Roy)
We dream about horses and stuffies. (Alfie)
We dream about princesses. (Sofia)
We dream about happy things to make us smile. (Deb)


The Water Group invited us for a pirate feast today!!!! The children felt they could not got to a pirate feast without becoming a pirate first.  They donned scarves and eye patches which immediately prompted their language to change to pirate talk. Aye matey!!  They drew a map so we could sail without getting lost to the location of the Water Group.  Before the feast, the Water Group shared all of their pirate knowledge through dramatization, song and a book they wrote.  I am sure you will have a few pirates going home today!

Expression Through Dance

Hide and SeekGrace loves games but she loves playing hide and seek with Mom the most!!! Playing with mom makes her happy.  All of the children agreed that hide and seek is fun and a great game to play.  We played the game and everyone expressed their enjoyment through laughter, giggles and squeals of delight.  The group decided to express their happiness through dancing.  The children  decided that they would dance like they were playing the game of hide and seek. The children grabbed different coloured scarves to dance with.  When I stopped the music, the children covered their bodies with the fabric as if they were hiding.  The "seeker" would dance through the hiding children and the music would start again.  Each child was very aware of his/her actions and space as they danced throughout the room.  We put on an impromptu performance for the Water Group!


When we gathered for group time on Wednesday, I asked the children if they could express themselves by just using facial expressions.  They all thought that they could easily do that.  I took their pictures and showed them so they could see how others perceive their expressions.  After viewing the pictures, the children thought their messages were loud and clear.

This exercise has led us to look at how photographers use photos to express stories, thoughts, feelings and ideas.  We looked at a number of different photos and the children commented to how the picture made them feel, what story was being told, what they thought of or simply if they liked it or not.  It was interesting to see what one child thought was beautiful another may not.  This exercise helped us listen to one another as we talked about our thoughts and learn about another perspective.

On Thursday, the entire class gathered to learn some dance moves for the year end concert.

Expressing our family history through puppetry.

Roy expressed his love for his family and how happy they make him. Each of the children in the group had lots to add to the conversation about family.  The children made puppets of their family members to demonstrate their understanding that puppets can be used as a way to express ourselves.  Julia and Simone were risk takers and asked to present their family puppets to the entire class.