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Music Webs

We continued with the music webs that Wendy started. 

What feelings and ideas do you want to express?
What instruments and sounds will you use?

Happy music. The song is about my family.  I love being with them.  I want it to sound like a rock song!
Guitar, piano and trumpet.

Grace: Sad music.  I miss my mom. It's hard to keep my stuffies in my cubby for a long long time. Voice.
Jayla: Happy music. I want to sing the ABC's.  It's happy. Drum, voice and cymbals.

Garage Band - Preparing for our Summative Activity

As we are approaching the end of this unit (2 weeks left), we are preparing for our summative activity.  For our summative activity each child will use Garage Band to make their own music sequences to describe a thought or a feeling. They may use found objects or musical instruments. The following questions will help guide the children through the summative process:
What do you want to express?
How will you express it?
What tool/instrument will you use?
Why did you choose that tool?

This week, we listened to four very different types of music: Bobby McFerrin who uses his voice in different ways, Under the Sea from Little Mermaid, Coastal Wolf Pack (First Nations music) and a classical piece by Strauss.  For each piece of music, the children identified the different instruments they heard, what the song expressed from their perspective and what feelings were generated from the sounds. This was in preparation for composing their own music sequences. We also experimented with Garage Band …