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Decorations tell human stories and help us know one another.

Line of Inquiry: Decorations tell human stories and help us know one another.

We began a clay project on Wednesday. The children used clay to make a decoration for themselves or as a gift for someone special. For some, it was the first time using clay. The children loved creating with their hands. We will paint the clay next week so you will have to wait to see what each child made!

Today, the children made mobiles as decorations. Each child was given a picture of him or herself to place on the mobile. The rest of the items added were chosen by each of the children. It was fun to hear the conversation as the children shared with one another their likes and dislikes in a decoration.

Alan chose blue because that is his favourite colour.
Oliver added a heart for his mom and a happy face for his dad.
Jayla added a girl because she is a girl.
Sophie chose purple because purple is her favourite.
Grace chose a different way to hang her mobile because she wanted it flat against her wall.

We hung the mobiles up for all the children to enjoy during lunch. Many of the other children came up to admire the mobiles and asked if they could make one too.


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