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We Decorate Our World - Gingerbread House

Wendy's activity of edible decorations made me think of the Witch's gingerbread house in the story Hansel and Gretel. We looked at the story and wondered what it would be like to live in a house we could eat. The children thought it would be fun but not a good place to be when it rains.

We undertook the task of decorating a gingerbread house. It was a very collaborative effort. Before we began, the children made a plan deciding on the colours and the placement of the candy decorations. The children were very patient waiting for their turns.  Upon completion of the house, the children decided that their house is not for a witch but for them to eat. Our house is on display for all the children to enjoy.....for now!

Decorate our World - Assessment

Today the children each did an assessment in the form of a booklet. The booklet was to help me see what the children's understanding of the line of inquiry is and to assess what they have learned thus far. Please have a look at your child's book, each are eager to share his/her knowledge with you.

Clay Decorations

We finished our clay decorations today.  Each child chose four colours to paint with. It was wonderful to watch each child taking the time to choose the colours and carefully paint their decorations.  The children showed commitment and enthusiasm during this project. The final products provided wonderful conversations at the table as each child was eager to proudly present their decorations.

Grace: I have a special place on my shelf to put it on.
Byron: I want to give my decorations as a present.
Jayla: I am going to hang them on a wall in my room.
Sophie: My mom will put it on a wall in my room so I can see it.
Alan: I made a mountain.
Tyreese: I'm going to put mine in my keeping box.
Esme: I'm putting my decoration on a high shelf because Remi can climb now.