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Then and Now: Preparing for the summative.

We began preparing for our summative next week.  Throughout this unit, the children learned that many things were done by hand in the past including cleaning. Referring to the central idea that there are similarities and differences between the way people lived long ago and the way people live today the children will develop a cleaning machine so we won't have to clean by hand.

Wendy began the week by showing the children a Cat in the Hat video

She asked the children to pay attention to the end of video where they will see a special invention, one that she wished we had at the daycare. At the end of the movie, the children were excited to share their thoughts about the machine.  Wendy did a human graph - would you want to clean or have a machine do the work.  It was unanimous, the machine won. Next week we will build the machine. Esme said "I cant wait for next week!"

To build a machine we needed to see how machines work. We spent Wednesday experimenting with simple machines and making a connection to how our machine would operate.  Brainstorming, the children came up with some ideas for our machine:

arms for picking up garbage - Tyreese, Esme, Byron
hook to grab things - Esme
wheels to help it move - Byron
chopsticks on the arms to pick things up - Jayla
handle to pull it - Grace
a hinge to attach the parts - Oliver
bag for garbage - Esme

Now we have an idea of what our machine will do, we drew a picture of it. We examined all the items that have been donated to see what we could use. We found:
lids for wheel - Oliver, Grace
chain for a handle - Grace
string for handle to carry it - Sophie
hose for the arms - Oliver

Working together next we will make a cleaning machine.  


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