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Building Together: Community Board Game

We have begun to make a board game! The children have titled the game "People in Our Neighbourhood".

The children began by designing the board game using magnet tiles. The magnet tiles were then traced to make the board and then the squares were coloured. Finally pictures of community members were glued to the spaces.

The object of the game is to move through the board answering questions about people in the community. The game will serve as an assessment tool to help me see what the children have learned and how they have made connections to the central idea. (Central Idea: The work people perform helps build community".)

 We will play the game next week.

Building Community: Our Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities
Belonging to a community involves different roles and responsibilities for each of us. The children have been learning about different jobs within our community.
I asked "what communities do we belong to?"  The children know of two communities they are a part of:  home and school. We took the time this week to identify what responsibilities the children have as part of these communities. Responsibilities at home: Tyreese: I have to make my bed. Byron: Not to jump around in the house. Sophie: I have to pick up my toys. Grace and Jayla: Have to clean their bedrooms. Esme: Go to school.

Responsibilities at school: Oliver: Help clean up. Grace and Sophie: Be kind. Jayla: Walk inside.

We concluded by making a Venn diagram which made the children aware that they have similar responsibilities at both home and Creative Minds.

Community Workers

The children expressed what they know about community workers through puppets.  Each child chose  made a community worker puppet and expressed what that worker did within the community.

Community: A Neighbourhood Walk

Our wet weather caused the storm drain near the school to plug and created a swimming pool to wade through.  Wednesday there were some workers here trying to solve this problem.  The children found out that they were trying to unclog the drain.  Their presence prompted a walk in the neighbourhood to see who else we could find in the community.  Here are some pictures that tell the story.