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Beatrice's Goat

Building Our Own Community

Today we pretended to purchase a large piece of land to build our own community.  What does our community need?

Grace - water
Oliver - house, stores
Sophie - cars, fire station
Jayla - roads, police

With these ideas the children planned out their community. As they were building, the children realized that they needed a lot more in their community.  They soon added a school, gas station, hospital, park, playing and other stores such as a tire store and bicycle store. Grace thought the community needed a border in case people wanted to travel.

Once completed, the children named their community Postray and began to play. They all chose different jobs in the community:
Jayla worked at the firehall and hospital because she wanted to help people.
Sophie worked at the bicycle shop. Her responsibility was to deliver bikes to other people's houses.
Grace worked at the border. She was responsible for taking people's passports and giving them back then the people could pass.
Oliver chose …

People in Our Neighbourhood Board Game

We played our "People in Our Neighbourhood Game."  The rules of the game were simple:
 - take turns
 -  roll the die and move your playing piece
 - choose a question card
 - choose a movement card (to move playing piece forwards or backwards).

Examples of the question cards:
- what does this person do in the community?
- what would happen if we didn't have this role in the community?

Playing the game helped me see how much the children understand about community members' roles and responsibilities. What impressed me the most was how the Fire Group worked together as a community by taking turns, helping each other count and answer questions.

We have shared our game with the other children to play.