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Plants in the Midst: Bees

During our scavenger hunt, the children notice bees among the plants.  Grace asked if we could learn more about bees.  What do the children know about bees:
Tyreese: they are yellow
Jayla: they have a stinger
Sophie: they fly
Grace and Oliver: they make honey.

We couldn't answer how honey is made so we had to do some research. First, we watched a video of a bee pollinating a flower.
We had to watch it a few times to get a good look at the bee and what was happening.  We read some books to learn more about the relationship between bees and flowers.  We concluded with the children each making a flap book using what they learned and observed.

Plants in the Midst: A Plant Scavenger Hunt

The Fire Group enjoys the outside and always asks "can we have group time outside?" Today was an outdoor activity, we went on a plant scavenger hunt!  We borrowed Mary's photo cards of  plants found in the Pacific Spirit Park.  The children were so excited to explore and  seek out these plants.  Each child was given different pictures of the  plants to find.  When a plant was found, the group would run over and examine the find paying close attention to detail to see if the plant matched the photo.  For more information on the plants found in Pacific Spirit Park please see