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Crawling Creatures: Wood Bug Habitat

Creating A Wood Bug Habitat
Off to the forest we went to search for wood bugs and items to make their habitat.  The list of items to find included:
wood bugsleavessoila piece of decaying tree 

After gathering the times, the children put together the habit.  Since wood bugs thrive in a moist habitat, the children needed to mist the items with water.  It is the responsibility of the children to check on the habitat daily to ensure that the habitat does not dry out.
We have added one more rule: always wash your hands after handling the bugs.  The children are making a poster of the different rules as well as what they know about wood bugs to share with the class.  They will present it to the class when finished.

Crawling Creatures - The Life Cycle of the Butterfly

The Life Cycle of the Butterfly
Form - Features of crawling creatures
What are the features of crawling creatures?
The children shared with me their knowledge of butterflies. They told me that butterflies eat nectar, that they have wings, legs and that they are beautiful. I asked the children if they knew anything about caterpillars. They responded with:
Sofia: They are fuzzy Sasha: I like them Connor: I saw one at Pender Harbour
I then asked "did you know a caterpillar turns into a butterfly?"  The children all responded with NO.  We watched a you tube video showing a time lapse of the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly.
The children were in awe of this transformation and wanted to learn more.  Using books, we explored the life cycle in more detail learning the different stages of a butterfly and used this information to make a life cycle poster.