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Crawling Creatures - Expressing our knowledge

Cameron was impressed by the Fir Group's creation, a very large spider! He asked if our group could make an inchworm.  Of course, every child said yes! Cameron drew the group a model to work from and with everyone's help, the inchworm was created.

Some of the children expressed their knowledge of inchworms through poetry and art.

Crawling Creatures: Inchworms

During our hike this week, we stopped to pick blackberries.  Some children found an inchworm resting on a blackberry.  What a find! The children carefully put leaves, twigs, the blackberry and inchworm into a bucket and brought it to the centre.

The inchworm became our focus this week.  Not knowing much about the inchworm, we conducted some research.
What we found:

Inchworms move by "looping" their bodies from back to front.They have three pairs of legs in the front, two pairs of prolegs (appendages) at the back.To protect themselves, inchworms make themselves look like twigs or foliage.They eat foliage and fruit.Inchworms have a similar life cycle as the caterpillar. An inchworm will make a pupa and metamorphose into a moth.