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Friendship: How to make friends.

Getting to know each other:

At the beginning of each group time, we have been playing a game to get to know each other.  The children took turns choosing a person to roll a ball to and ask a question.  This is what we have learned about one another.

Ryleigh has a brother named Cameron.
Chloe's favourite colour is purple.
Tyreese has a brother and a sister.
Keira has a cat.
Sofia likes the colour pink.
Bela's favourite colour is golden.
William likes to play Lego.
Michael likes red and green.

How to Make Friends

How Willy feels

Willy and Hugh by Anthony Browne is the story of  a lonely chimpanzee named Willy. This all changes when Willy bumps into Hugh and the two become friends.

Before we read the story the children made predictions as to why Willy is lonely.
Sofia: maybe his friends are excluding him.
Ryleigh: maybe his friends said bad things to him.

When we finished the story, the children initiated a discussion about how Willy felt without having a friend.  They had many ideas how Willy could make friends.  With their ideas, we made a poster on  "How to make friends."
Sofia: Ask somebody your name.
Keira: Share your toys.
William: Go to the playground and ask someone to play.
Tyreese: Ask "could I play?"
The poster.
Chloe: Say my name.
Bela: Invite someone to your game.
Ryleigh: "What's your name?"
Michael: Ask "can I play?"


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