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Colour in Nature: Rainbows

The children love rainbows and it is usually a topic of conversation when they paint. Bela was interested in the work of the Water Group when they were painting a rainbow.  He thought they were using too many colours. This prompted my asking, what are the colours in the rainbow?

Michael: Red, purple, pink and yellow
William: Green, red, orange and yellow
Tyreese: Blue, yellow and orange
Chloe: Purple
Bela: Red, green, blue and yellow
Ryleigh: Blue, green and purple

After conducting an experiment of shining a flashlight on a CD and projecting the image onto paper, the children could see that there were seven colours in a rainbow. Using the colours of the rainbow, the children did a picture of their choice.

Colour in Nature: What colour is the sky?

The children have become more aware of the colours around them and when are outside have been naming the different colours they see. One colour they have been pointing out is blue as we have been fortunate this fall with sunny days and  blue skies.

This book prompted a big discussion of what colours could Marisol use to paint the sky. Tyreese said she could use grey because it could be cloudy. Chloe thought white would be good for clouds too. Sofia added that she could use orange and red for sunsets. Keira and Ryleigh thought Marisol could paint the sky black because that is the colour of the sky at night. William thought black and grey could would be good for a stormy day.

We looked at the work of a number  artists to see the different perspectives as how to represent the sky in a painting.  The children than drew a nature scene with crayons and used watercolours to paint the sky.

Colour In Nature: Mixing Primary Colours

The children experimented with different mediums mixing the primary colours. Prior to mixing the colours, the children predicted what colours would be created through the different combinations. ie. blue and yellow will make.....

Through their experimentation the children learned how the primary colours (red, blue, yellow) mixed together create the secondary colours (orange, green, purple).

Colour in Nature: Primary Colours

The children are learning that there are three primary colours.: red, blue and yellow.  The children shared their knowledge of primary colours found in nature.

Bela: leaves can be yellow and rain can be blue.
Ryleigh: I saw a red flower.
Chloe: The sun is yellow.
Tyreese: I saw a bluejay, it was blue.
William: The sky is blue.
Michael: Water is blue.

Using only the primary colours, each child made a collage of their choice depicting something found in nature.