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Generosity: The Potlatch

The children had a wonderful time at the potlatch sharing food, gifts and their thoughts of what generosity means to them. The children found the food delicious and in all the excitement we forgot to take pictures of the food.

Our next unit of inquiry will be "How We Share the Planet: The Wonders of Water."

Generosity: Preparing for the Potlatch

Next week is our summative week for this unit.  For the summative activity, the children are hosting a potlatch. A potlatch is a traditional ceremony that some First Nations host to commemorate, acknowledge and communicate specific events such as naming ceremonies, weddings, and memorials. At a potlatch, a feast is shared and gifts are given.

Each group is preparing food and gifts to share with the other children.  The Fire Group has been busy painting decorations and making bracelets as their gifts to share.  The children have chosen to make pizza as the food they are contributing to the feast.