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Water Wonders - Summative

At the end of each unit, a summative task is designed to assess each student's understanding of the central idea. For this summative, the children worked individually to paint a river and salmon. They were asked the following set of questions relating to the central idea: What do you know about water?Why is water important to people? (what do they use it for)Why is water important to animals?  Why is water important to plants?   What would happen if there was no water?How can we make sure this never happens; how can we save water?

Water Wonders - Oil Spill

Water Wonders - Groundwater

After learning about fresh water last week, the children wanted to find some groundwater.  Armed with shovels and pails, we set off for the sandpit.   The children were eager and determined to find water.  They worked in groups to dig two holes but despite their effort didn't find any groundwater. They did dig deep enough to reach wet sand. All this work made the group extremely
 thirsty and very appreciative of their water bottles.

Water Wonders: Fresh Water and Salt Water

Looking at the globe, the children can see that the Earth has lots of water. What they didn't know was that a very large percentage (97%) of that water is salt water and only a very small fraction is fresh water. To help the children understand the difference, a pot was filled with water to represent all of the water on Earth. The children took turns scooping all the salt water out until 3 teaspoons were left representing the fresh water.  The children also made a chart representing the water on Earth to help visual the difference.