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Sound Travels - Song Games

The past few group times, we have been learning about song games and their form. Recognizing Aston and Andy's love of trains we started with the song game Clickety Clack.

 Learning the song together was so much fun. Using their fingers as trains, the children sang the song as their train traveled over their bodies.  As the children became more confident with the song, they began to tap the rhythm with their fingers progressing to using rhythm sticks. It was amazing at how well the children could tap out the song, stopping on the rest notes and ending when the song ended.

From there, we made song maps. A song map illustrates the movement of the song. The task for the children was to start drawing at the beginning of the song and and to stop when the song ended. After using markers to draw the maps, Sasha suggested we use trains to make our song maps.  It was a bit trickier using a train as the trains tended to run out out of paint before the song ended. After the song maps were co…

Friday Art - Lines

LinesWe will be exploring art during Friday's group time.  We have begun with the introduction of lines: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curved and zigzag.  
The children were each given a piece of string to make the different types of lines before moving to paint and paper.  The zigzag line was a little tricky for many.  The children were eager to try painting the lines.  As you can tell by the pictures, the children were committed to practicing painting different forms of lines. We will continue to build on this concept.

How We Express Ourselves: Sound Travels

How We Express Ourselves: Sound Travels
An inquiry into how people use sound to express feelings and thoughts.
The lines of inquiry that will guide the scope of our inquiry are: ·Folk song games have specific forms ·How sounds are experienced ·Environmental sounds cause certain feelings to arise ·How music and sound are used to express feelings.

We begin the unit with a formative week to gather information on what the children’s prior knowledge and current understanding of how people use sound to express feelings and thoughts.
Some of the children's thoughts: Aston: Trains make loud noises. Sasha: I do not like the sound of coyotes. Olivia: A lion makes a big roar sound. Andy: Mommy and Daddy talk.  Kamryn: I love the sound of Mommy’s voice.