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Sound Travels - Three Billy Goats Gruff

When we were listening to various music pieces last week, the music evoked more than just feelings in the children. The music triggered their imaginations and they began to tell stories. When listening to Vivaldi, Sasha was very animated and told a story of flowers growing in the sun with princesses in the garden. The music of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue inspired Olivia to tell a story of a “bad guy coming” prompting the children to add their ideas: Kamy – It is dark outside. Andy – Lots of bad guys coming. Aston - I think trains are coming.
Connecting to the children’s idea of music and stories, we added sound to the fairytale, Three Billy Goats Gruff.Each child had a set of rhythm sticks to create the sound effects of the goats trip trapping across the bridge. The children instinctively knew that the smallest goat would have a softer trip trap than the largest goat.
Sasha suggested putting on a show. The children enthusiastically went to each group inviting them to watch. On Friday, we cont…

I am thankful for....

Sound Travels - Thoughts and Feelings

Line of Inquiry: How music and sounds are used to express feelings. What do we know about our feelings? To find out what we know about our own emotions, we played a card game . The cards portray people expressing a range of emotions such as fear, excitement, happiness and sadness.   The children took turns drawing a card from the pile, identifying the emotion, and talking about a time when they experienced that emotion.  We expressed ourselves in front of a mirror so we could see how our expressions and actions look to others.

After the game we listened to portions of four pieces of music:
- Vivaldi - Four Seasons (Spring)
- Beethoven 7th Symphony
- Mozart - Figaro
- Bach - Toccato and Fugue

The children chose to paint to the music of Vivaldi and Bach.  When we were listening to Vivaldi, Andy exclaimed "this is happy!" Olivia and Kamy agreed. Sasha added that the music was making her feel excited.

The Bach piece evoked different feelings. Aston "loved" the music. …

Sound Travels - Musical Instruments

The children expressed interest in learning about different instruments. The children shared what they already knew about pianos and violins.  To learn more about different instruments and the sounds they produce, we visited the website  This allowed the children to visually see the instrument and at the same time hear the sound each makes. Prior to listening to each instrument, the children made predictions as to what type of sound they would hear (high, low, loud, soft).  "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" soon became a hit with the group as many of the clips demonstrated the instruments playing that song.

The children were each given a shaker to play, They found that moving the shaker fast produced a different sound than shaking it gently. This finding resulted in the children trying many different ways to make the shaker produce sound.  After playing the shakers, the children asked to make their own.  Before filling the shakers, the children experim…