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Sound Travels - Thoughts and Feelings

Line of Inquiry: How music and sounds are used to express feelings.

What do we know about our feelings? To find out what we know about our own emotions, we played a card game . The cards portray people expressing a range of emotions such as fear, excitement, happiness and sadness.   The children took turns drawing a card from the pile, identifying the emotion, and talking about a time when they experienced that emotion.  We expressed ourselves in front of a mirror so we could see how our expressions and actions look to others.

After the game we listened to portions of four pieces of music:
- Vivaldi - Four Seasons (Spring)
- Beethoven 7th Symphony
- Mozart - Figaro
- Bach - Toccato and Fugue

The children chose to paint to the music of Vivaldi and Bach.  When we were listening to Vivaldi, Andy exclaimed "this is happy!" Olivia and Kamy agreed. Sasha added that the music was making her feel excited.

The Bach piece evoked different feelings. Aston "loved" the music.  Olivia said "I like it too but it's scary!" Looking at the paintings, it was evident to see that the music moved the children in different ways.


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