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New Unit - We Decorate Our World

Is a tree a decoration?
We Decorate Our World.

Transdisciplinary Theme: Who We Are

Central Idea People use decoration and this helps us learn about each other. 

The lines of inquiry that will guide the inquiry into the central idea are:
- exploring a variety of decorations from various cultures
- decorations tell human stories and help us know one another
- similarities and differences in 
ideas about what a decoration is.

To gather the children's ideas on what they know about decorations, the Earth Group and Water Group went on a decoration walk together. The children had varying opinions as to what a decoration is:

Charlie: a decoration is something you put up and take down. It is not something we see everyday.
Sasha: Decorations are shiny. 
Olivia: Decorations make things beautiful.
Eva: some decorations are colourful and some are not. The ones that are not colourful are not pretty.
Eric: Rocks are not decorations because they don't go up and down (put up and take down).
Hyra: Paintings are decorations.
Can etchings on the ground
be decorations?
What colour will this house be?


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  2. Lovely. It prompts me to take a walk in my own neighbourhood with new eyes.


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