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Where we are in place and time: Pioneer Life

The central idea of this unit is that there are similarities and differences between the way people lived long ago and the way people live today.

The Earth Group is exploring the life of a pioneer and these are the two short videos we watched:

The children noticed how different life was for children in the pioneer times. Sasha said "they had no time to play."  Life was not only different in day to day living but also in the houses they lived in.  We compared our houses to the one room pioneer home.  "There's no toy room" remarked Kamy.  The children were in disbelief when we talked about not having an indoor bathroom or electricity.

Our conversation of having no electricity led us to look at how pioneers preserved their food.   One method of preservation was hanging fruit to dry.  The Earth Group has hung apples and are patiently waiting to eat them.  

Squeezing lemons to prevent the apples from
Working together to string the apples.
How long until the apples are ready to eat?


  1. Maybe play looked different then. Maybe it was more integrated into the life of the family. I often wonder about these things too so I am so glad Sasha brought this up. Thank you Sasha.


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