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Community Workers

This week, we further explored occupations  in our community.  Each group chose an occupation and prepared a dramatization.

The Fire Group Two barbers opened up a shop. They offered a shave and a haircut. They were so good at their job that customers needed to take a number and wait in line for their turn.

The Wind Group The Wind Group children chose to dramatize the importance of construction workers in our community.  They were able to recognize and talk about their appreciation towards the people that build our homes.  It would be a world without buildings without them.

The Water Group There were three athletes training for the Olympics.  The athletes won many races and were awarded prize money. As they spent all of their time training, they did not have time to look after their yards.  They called the local gardeners and hired them to tend to their yards.  The athletes wanted to support local businesses with their earnings. 

This dramatization was a great way for the children to experien…