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Plants in Our Midst: Seeds to Plants

The children of the Earth Group are learning how seeds grow into plants.
We began by looking at different types of seeds comparing shape, size and colour.  The children found it very difficult to open the seeds. We soaked some beans in water overnight. This allowed the children to easily open the bean and discover what was inside.To grow our bean plants, we germinated the beans by wrapping them in paper towel and placing it inside a Ziploc back.Very quickly the beans began to grow and within a few days, the children could see roots and the beginnings of the plants.The children were excited to share their knowledge of what a plant needs in order to grow: ·Soil ·Water ·Sun ·Love ·Caring

Plants in our Midst: How do animals use plants?

When gathering information during our formative week, the children made an observation that "animals eat plants and hide in them, too."