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Qualities in a Friend

We have continued our discussion of the qualities found in a friend.  Through different stories and our conversations together, the children have identified the friendship qualities they find important.

We made "friendship" play dough together using these qualities.

5 cups of caring1 tablespoon of kindness1 cup of sharing1 cup of helping
While making the play dough, the children were able to practice these qualities as well as patience and taking turns. 

This is the actual play dough recipe:
2 tsp cream of tartar1 cup salt2 cups flour4 tbsp oil2 cups boiling waterCombine first 4 ingredients in a large bowlAdd boiling water and mix wellOnce blended, roll onto table and knead until smooth.Very easy to make and lots of fun to play with!

Helping Hands

Through different stories, we have been discussing the qualities of a friend.  The one quality that the children unanimously agreed upon is that friends help one another.  In the story, The Little Red Hen, the Hen did all of the work by herself.  The children thought that the Dog, Cat and Goose were not good friends because every time the Hen asked for help, they refused.  Before we reached the end of the story, I asked the children if Hen should share her bread.  There were mixed responses however, the majority of the children thought Hen should share.  Louis' first response was to not share but he quickly changed his mind and said "sharing is caring!" This coming week, the children have asked to make bread and share it with the entire class.